"The quality of this hybrid grouper in my opinion is very pristine. I was able to work with this fish and apply multiple preparations like whole fried, seared with the skin on which imparts great flavor (yes you can eat the skin) and also raw preparation like ceviche and sashimi. This fish is very versatile, it has a good oil content and firm texture it also yields more as opposed to regular grouper at that size. Giving the status of our oceans and overfishing this is a fish I would stand behind and prepare for my patrons to promote sustainability. The hybrid grouper is a phenomenal fish – I can’t wait to cook it again!"
- Kareem Anguin
Ocean Room Private Dining Chef de Cuisine

For chefs familiar with this dynamic fish, they will tell you the only shortcoming is spotty availability. Not with Aqquua. We will be raising these fish for the global market 52 weeks a year – the same high-quality in every single shipment.


Grouper w/ Clams Marinara

Check out this easy recipe from Chef Eric at Sel Rrose, NYC and watch out for more videos and recipes from our new series EAT F!SH


Were it not for Aqquua’s ready access to the most advanced aquaculture technologies in the world, we’d not have been successful in our continuous quest to bring center-of-the-plate-protein products of the highest value to market. We produce high quality, wholesome seafood products using newly emerged and ecologically efficient technologies designed to produce environmentally sustainable, socially responsible product and safe, comfortable workspaces. Our significant contributions to existing aquaculture practices are felt not only in Thailand, but in all of Asia.